Sunday, August 24, 2008

Storybook Illustrations

Here's some 'storybook drawings' I've recently been doing at work. It's for 'tigger and friends'.
Usually I am storyboarding, but they asked me to do some illustrations as well.
It's actually a pretty calming job. Just make a nice drawing. The pressure being the clock. Usually in 1 week you have around 17 illustrations to draw and color. This story had 21 that were needed. You have to decide your artistic choices pretty quick. But the pressure has only pushed me. In a good way.
I have to say, drawing these cute characters has been great. 


Mama Bee Simple said...

waw i love the drawings, great job :) they are so cute!

hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Monika :-)

Winona Janega said...

Well, first off, yay for posting a comment on an entry from 2 years ago, haha...but ya, I was just searching "storybook illustrations" through Google images for some inspiration on a drawing and came across one of the pictures posted here. As a result, it lead me right to your blog, where I read your "about me" section and was surprised to see you went to Sheridan. I'm a first year animation student there currently. 'Tis a small world, considering my search term was rather generic! It's also funny because in one of your recent entries you talk about Michel Gagné. In my storyboard class we watched his "A Touch of Deceit" film about 10 times, breaking it down like crazy. :d

One last comment from this long-winded writer - I love that Mulan stuff you've got, it's definitely one of my favorite movies!

mark pudleiner said...

Hi Winona
Thanks for the nice comments :)
Welcome to the blog.
Say hello to Nancy B for me
Michel just visited the other week.


Winona Janega said...

Ah, thanks for the response. :) It's so weird to think that years after I graduate I'll still be keeping in touch/seeing my fellow classmates. Hope his visit was nice! Last week we had off the day of Nancy's class, so I'll be sure to give her a hello for ya this week!

Unknown said...

Its truly an amazing storybook illustration and