Sunday, August 24, 2008

TinkerBell - the movie

It was the ' Tinkerbell ' wrap party on friday night here in southern California { Friday August 22nd 2008 } It is the 1st of 4 tink movies.... and as John Lasseter mentioned on the stage just before the outdoor screening of the film { It was a great night } ...there could be more.

The Tinkerbell movies are direct to DVD releases. They are story-boarded at the studio here in southern Ca. , with the character animation being done in India.

 Here are some of my storyboard panels for the movie. I loved drawing Tink. Very cute girl. And with attitude ;-) Once again, Tink, being the curious playful character, gets herself in trouble.


Philip Pignotti said...

I love these, Great to see you have a blog!
I'll be back,,,

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Philip :-)
She is a very appealing character to draw.
It's great getting a hold of all the reference for her.
Some beautiful work.
Hope all is well for u at Dreamworks.

Anonymous said...

We bought a copy of Tinker Bell for our daughter this week. These boards are great! I can't wait to watch it with my daughter on Christmas day and look for this scene!

mark pudleiner said...

Hi Cartoonmeltingpot

Unfortunately this seq was very much sliced and diced ..... on the editing floor.... it's only a fraction of what it originally was.
No worries though ... that's the biz :-)