Saturday, November 3, 2012

Emperors New Groove - Kuzco rough test

Here is another one of my rough animation tests for Disney's animated feature ' Emperors New Groove '.
It is Sequence 1 Scene 76. 

I'm forgetting who, but I know I gave one of the incidental characters to my rough assistants at the time. There was a pool of rough assistant animators at Disney and you could use them to help complete the scene as needed. { if there was one available at the time }.

Emperors New Groove - Kuzco Rough Animation Test 3 from Mark Pudleiner on Vimeo.

 I animated a few scenes in a row in this section, also doing the scene directly before { scene 75 } 
where the 3 babies are held up to Kuzco and he 'kisses' them with a rubber stamp. When animating that scene, I named the babies after my two boys, Steven and Mathieu and then the middle baby 'Sam' { if we were going to have a girl someday, that was to be her name } All unofficial as they were only in this one scene, but hey, that's what i labeled them on my animation charts :-)

I recently found the rough test of the beginning of this scene. Here it is :
Mark Pudleiner ENG baby Kiss scene from Mark Pudleiner on Vimeo.

This film was a nice change as the timing of the animation was leaning more towards the snappier 
WB style. Snapping into key poses and following through with the overlap. Below are the 2 scenes as they play out together.

                                       copyright Disney Animation

Here is a link to an old Burbank newspaper article regarding the scene > click HERE

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How much money can I make doing this ? - 2012 USA Wage Survey

Once again, here's a recent article from the American Animation Guild 839 Blog in regards to the WAGE SURVEY that was sent out and information gathered. It lets you know roughly what is happening within the industry in the states. These numbers are from union as well as non-union shops.

Please note that these numbers are the results of the Wage Survey in the United States in 2012:
For comparison purposes, all salaries are computed based upon a forty-hour week.

                                                             Minimum                      Median                     Maximum
Directors { features, DTV }    -              $ 1,868.75                    $ 3,552.50                $ 7,692.30    
Story Artist { features, DTV }   -           $ 1,300.00                    $ 1987.00                 $ 3,500.00
Visual Development    -                       $ 1,178.24                    $ 2,100.00                $ 4,500.00
Supervising Animators    -                   $ 1,326.00                    $ 2,475.00                $ 3,272.73
3D animators    -                                  $ 1,220.00                    $ 1,911.77                $ 5,200.00
2D animators    -                                  $ 1,000.00                    $ 1,600.00                $ 2,500.00
Effects animators    -                            $ 1,356.64                    $ 1,850.00                $ 2,591.00
Flash animators    -                               $ 800.00                       $ 1,400.00                $ 1,628.00

Below is the completed Wage Survey for 2012. Click at the very bottom below to see it larger - Mark   
Click HERE to open a PDF file