Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A fund-raising art auction

A fund-raising art auction to benefit animator Pres Romanillos

So sorry to hear about my friend and Co-worker Pres.
His battle that he faces.
Knowing and working with him on Mulan and Shrek2, he is a class act.

A super talented artist who has always been so nice.
I know he has the strength to win this.

He will.

Below are the details and links to read about the details.
I hope some people are able to help out.

About Pres:

Our friend and fellow animator Pres Romanillos needs our help. A few years ago, while producing and directing his own film in Spain, Pres was diagnosed with leukemia. He returned to the US and underwent chemotherapy, a failed bone marrow transplant, more chemo, and a successful bone marrow transplant. After a long recovery, he returned to work, and animated on The Princess and the Frog at Disney and then on Shrek 4 at DreamWorks.

Unfortunately, Pres relapsed a few weeks ago. He's back at City of Hope, where's he's gotten wonderful treatment. The chemotherapy is working and he's gearing up for another bone marrow transplant. At this point, the burden of medical deductibles and copays, and his previous extended period of recovery during which he was unable to work, have wiped out his life savings. Pres and his wife Jeannine, along with their brood of dogs and cats, are in a difficult spot, and they need our help.

Many people know Pres' work as a supervising animator of 'Shan-Yu' in Mulan and 'Little Creek' in Spirit, and as an animator on Pocahontas, Aladdin, Shrek 2, Madagascar, and many other films. Those who know him personally know him as a big-hearted friend, a loving husband, a huge lover of animals, and a man of great talent and passion. His wife Jeannine has been tireless through this long, on-going ordeal, and his family has helped in every way they can. Now it's our turn.

We are putting together a fund-raising auction in June that will involve two live events at the Animation Guild in Burbank, California, and a series of sales on eBay. You can find out more about the auction on the 'About the Auction' page on this site.


Many people have asked if Pres is waiting for a bone marrow match. Fortunately, he is not. There is a donor who is a match, and who has agreed to donate marrow. Pres is in the chemotherapy and recovery phase of his treatment, in which his own bone marrow is wiped out in preparation for the transplant. We're hoping the transplant will happen as soon as May.

Many people with leukemia who need bone marrow transplants are not so lucky. Help them out by being tested to become a bone marrow donor. The test only requires a swab of the inside of one's cheek. You can learn more, and get a registry test kit sent to you, by going to the National Marrow Donor Program's website.