Sunday, July 19, 2015

James Baxter's Visit to Vancouver

My friends James and Kendra Baxter and family came by for a short visit. It was great showing them some of the sites around Vancouver B.C. Canada. The following day, they stopped in at the college where we teach Character Animation and where I am the head of the Story-Visual Language Course - 

James and Kendra were so generous with their time as after they spent the morning giving a Q and A with the animation students, after lunch they returned and James sat with the students to talk, draw sketches and sign some images for the students. As Kendra mentioned, he wants to make sure every student who wants to see him, is able to. James is so talented but his generosity towards the students  makes us all respect him even more. 
Below are some photos of his visit.

Myself and James at the beginning of his Q and A with our students
Great shot of  James during the Q and A
Our animation students pose with James in our schools lobby

James with our 3D senior Animation class { and yes, there's a lot more girls in animation these days than when i was in college :-) }

James signed an image from Adventure Times 'James Baxter the Horse' episode.

One of James's sketches for the students

Another little sketch and signing

Spirit sketch for another student

And another sketch. 

The 3D students put this photo together with all the sketches James had drawn for them.

He was again so thoughtful to spend so much time with our students. So thankful they were able to visit the students :-)

One of the students shot some video of James sketching for some students

click to go to James's site where he posts his work > click HERE