Saturday, August 7, 2010

sketch 2 : At the Pool

While on our summer vacation to a Hot Spring spa resort in B.C. Canada, myself, my wife Patti and our two boys visited the hotels many pools.

It was a great place to kick back and unwind. { yes ... one of the natural hot spring pools was designated for adults only :-)} The kids loved it and I found it was also a great place to sit back and sketch.

With people moving around so much, you have to draw fast to hopefully capture the pose, the attitude.

As you can see with the 1st drawing below, both sons were having 'time-outs'
My youngest didn't really appreciate me drawing him while he was not allowed in the pool. He turned his back towards me. Okay... another pose ;-) The downfalls of having a dad that has a pen in his hand.

sketch 1 : At the Waterpark

While on vacation we visited a water park near our hotel. Lots of slides for the boys to help wear themselves out. Running up and sliding down. All day long.

I took my sketchbook as myself and Patti sat back and relaxed.

It was a great place to sketch.

Lots of QUICKLY taking in a pose while the person was in motion, sketching fast to hopefully capture the moment.
Sometimes a person actually held a pose long enough to glance back at it for more info.

It was a great day. And the slides were fun as well :-)