Saturday, September 26, 2009

Memory Lane 4 > Dreamworks Shrek 2

A few of my photos taken during my time at Dreamworks Animation Studio while animating on the feature 'Shrek 2'.
These photos were taken during a quick break as i walked down the hall to my friends
Kevin O'hara and Jim Hull's room. This is a typical moment....

ROOM 166. Where all the chaos took place. Enter carefully

Kevin explaining to Jim what Jim should do to his scene.

Kevin responds { once again } that Jim is completely ignoring him.

Kevin responds happily that James Baxter { our supervisor on the film } comes in and breaks up the fight. Kevin calls Jim on the phone to tell him that they can still talk to each other.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another project ....

As I wait to still settle from my move from LA to Vancouver Canada, I just thought I would post some images from another project that I am on.
Just some character design and rough layout.

The color piece is some first passes with my painter10 program.
I'm very much a novice at using it.
Being somewhat colorblind makes it a bit more interesting as hey, trying my best :-)
I'm thinking of signing up with to learn through the step by step videos how to get around the program. So far, I love what i can do with it.... I just need to know HOW to use it.