Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memory lane 2 > Don Bluth Studio 1986

Here are a few photos from my collection from 1986.

These were taken just after we had finished production of 'An American Tail' and were starting the original 'Land Before Time' feature. So the timing is roughly around summer of 1986.

They were taken at Bluth Studio in Van Nuys California a few months before our move to Dublin Ireland.

I walked around the studio one day with my camera.
John Pomeroy as seen in the photo was working on an early 'thunderfoot' drawing. { Thunderfoot's name was to be changed to the name 'Littlefoot' once the film was released } Found that out during the wrap party screening...we went the whole production with the name Thunderfoot, so it was a bit of a surprise that night.

John Pomeroy

Larry Leker

Dan Kuenster + Tammy Anderson

Lorna Cook

Linda Miller