Friday, August 7, 2009

moving to Canada

Just a quick note to the blog to say that I am moving to Vancouver B.C. Canada.
This is beginning of day 2 of our drive north from L.A.
Myself and my 2 boys and 2 cats.
I'll be able to post more once I cross the border and settle.



Wesley Chandler said...

Enjoy living in Vancouver! its a great place to be! I've lived here all my life =)

Anonymous said...

Moving back to Canada? I just found your blog today. It appears you have been very busy. I was wondering what happened to my old neighbor from Ancaster. You always were so talented I'm not surprised by your success. I hope your family is also doing well. Enjoy Vancouver, I am living in Edmonton. Drop me an email if you have time.
Joan Wetmore

-hoops said...

What the...? And I was just going to call you to go to lunch since I'm starting back at RDS today.

Are you going to work with Dick and Ralph? Say Hi for me.


pud said...

Hi Hoops
No I will not be working with the Zondags, haven't heard from them for a few years now. Hope they are doing well.

Saw Chris Roberts, Greg Sullivan and Blair at STUDIO B's company picnic a couple of weeks ago. It was like going back in time.... only that we all looked a bit older :-)
It was very good to see everyone again.
I will be very busy starting the end of September. Teaching and story boarding. Looking forward to getting to work again instead of all this moving and settling stuff.{ as fun as it has been ... not working }

Only instead of sunny California it'll be on the side of a ski mountain overlooking the downtown Vancouver area.

And it's been great to be within driving distance to my sisters. The kids are very happy. They get spoiled by them ... lol.

Sandy Sze said...

Hey Mark! In Van already?? Mentoring again soon? I'll be in C6 in Sept:) See you around in town, hope I can recognize you. Drop me a line in my blog if you need anything, like... finding a good restaurant or what not :P Have fun!

pud said...

In the process of buying a house in North Vancouver this week. Also getting the kids ready for school this coming tuesday.

Sorry for the lack of entries for the Blog, but I'll soon get this back to normal once the kids get into the school routine and things settle.