Saturday, June 25, 2011


During my years at Disney Feature Animation one of the studio's main supervising animators 
was Andreas Deja. 

I don't think I need to explain who Andreas is to anyone who is in our industry as his name is known for the type of artist that he is. An extremely passionate artist who respects and admirers the history of animation. He is always trying to better the art by leading with the quality of his own work and by teaching and inspiring others around him.

I am so happy that Andreas has decided to join the Blogging world as he posts examples and stories from his experiences regarding his relationships in animation.

I highly recommend that you visit his new site often to read the stories and get inspired by one of animations present days greats. He certainly leads by example. Here is his blog :

click here >  Andreas Deja BLOG

Above is a sketch that Andreas had done for me as he was working on Disney's ' Lilo and Stitch' feature. 
I had asked him if it was possible to have him do a quick sketch of Lilo as i really loved the work he had done on the character. 
The next day he showed up at my room with this beautiful drawing of Lilo :-)