Friday, March 14, 2014

John Pomeroy's Clean Up Notes 2 - All dogs go to Heaven

 Here is another one of my notes I got from JOHN POMEROY while we were working on Don Bluth's production of  'All dogs go to Heaven '. It was around 1987- early 88 and we were still in Dublin Ireland.
I was supervising the Clean Up Department for the production and every now and then I would knock on John's door to ask for his thoughts regarding design.

Again, as a Clean Up Artist I have always loved the challenge of searching for appealing designs while keeping the rough animation of the animator intact. 

Below is one of the animators rough key drawings of the character Anne Marie as she is quickly turning her head, making her hair swing upward and around in motion.

The next drawing is John's Version of how the design of the hair should be drawn. 

John was able to explain the action of the hair beautifully showing the weight and drag of the hair while adding to the design making the animation only stronger.