Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2 Videos - 28 years apart.

2 Videos showing me a few years apart. The top video is a recent 2014 Video clip from VANarts where i teach Character Animation and Story. It shows one of our recent graduating students Emily Cooper discussing her experience coming to the college in Vancouver Canada to learn Animation. The 2nd Video below shows me much earlier in my career as I am filmed during my early days at Don Bluth Animation - 28 years earlier { Yikes ! }

2014 Video

Emily Cooper - VanArts Graduate from VanArts on Vimeo.

click HERE to go to VANarts Website

1986 Video - 
This video is from my good friend and amazing animator and designer Sandro Cleuzo.  
who worked at Bluth but I met during our years at Disney Feature Animation. 

Check out Sandro's beautiful work at his website here > click
The video below shows the DON BLUTH studio as we were working on the features :
 ' An American Tail ' as well as ' The Land Before Time '. 
I am definitely a younger version as at the video time of 4:24 it shows me at my desk
working on a Fievel scene from 'Tail' as I am doing Key Clean-Up. This is taking the animator's
rough animation drawings and putting down a final line, making any corrections to putting things on model 
{ while keeping all the animators energy and life in the drawings }.
Time flies - it doesn't feel like almost 30 years that this is where things were at.
Constant learning and amazingly good times working with all the various talented artists during those days.