Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marks Notes 9

A couple more of my examples of searching for a stronger silhouette in a single pose.

Here in Vancouver at VANarts Media College
where I teach Character Animation and Story, for one of my assignments I take the students silhouette drawing that they hand in and draw over with my notes on separate layers so that they can see the difference. We look for shapes and angles within the pose to help explain how the body weight is being supported as well as clearly telling the story.

Student pose

My sketch overtop the students

My Notes

Student Pose
My sketch overtop students

My notes

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wayne Gilbert > NEW iBook

My friend Wayne Gilbert is happy to announce that his book Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation is now an iBook. It has been updated with new pages, drawings and exercises as well as movie files of animation examples from the planning notes.

This book is what we use to help our students learn the basic fundamentals of approaching character animation here at VANarts in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Every one of our students become very familiar with ' The Orange Book ' as they have learned to call it.

Whether you are a new student looking to enter the art field or a experienced professional, this book explains a very clear step by step approach to planning your character animation. Students, animators, illustrators and comic artists can all benefit from the detailed notes that Wayne has gathered over decades in the industry.

I work side by side with Wayne and I see first hand his passion and devotion to the students we work with. He is constantly searching for new ways to teach the fundamentals in a clear effective way that is easy for all artists to understand. 

I highly recommend this book - Mark