Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MULAN - some drawings

Here are 3 key drawings from one of my MULAN scenes. Simple little shot with Mulan glancing up at the 'MatchMaker' character.

You can see some of my notes to the Clean Up department that I wrote down on the drawings. Usually when something might be subtle, maybe a bit off model
{ from the model sheet } due to the animation.
Just so they know what I was thinking.

Hmmmm ... looks like I was doodling too. focus ... focus... I have no time for doodling... i should be drawing ! ;-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

MULAN - 2 scenes

Here are a couple of my MULAN scenes that I just found.
Forgot that I had this folder from a few years back.
{that's what happens when you move countries and change jobs} :-)

I remember when I got the call that I was one of around 12 or so California
based animators that were assigned to the Florida feature. I think most of us
were eager to jump on the 'Tarzan' production that was in Burbank so I do remember being somewhat disappointed with the assignment.

I'm forgetting who it was, but the management person who assigned me to Mulan just told me to give the film a chance as it really was turning into a beautiful film.

They were so right.
Mulan was one of my favorite films to have worked on while at Disney Feature.

Flying to Florida and meeting my new supervisor Mark Henn, and seeing what he had done with the lead character was very positive. Marks work always has such an appealing feel to it. Mark was very supportive and really let me try to animate my own ideas with Mulan. The first time I met him in the trailers on the back lot at DisneyWorld he told me that I should know what I'm doing and that he shouldn't have to help too much. That I could do it. It was my chance to grow as an animator.

It was a great film to be a part of. I learned a lot from Mark and also once we finished Mulan, we were put onto Tarzan to help animate during the final crunch time to get that film done. So it all turned out.

Mulan and Tarzan.
Life as an animator at Disney was good in 1997-98.

During my time animating on Mulan I kept a journal.
Here are one of the pages with my notes regarding a couple of the scenes that I animated with Mulan walking through the 'Burnt Out Village'.

Here are my Pencil Tests for the 2 scenes: