Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MULAN - some drawings

Here are 3 key drawings from one of my MULAN scenes. Simple little shot with Mulan glancing up at the 'MatchMaker' character.

You can see some of my notes to the Clean Up department that I wrote down on the drawings. Usually when something might be subtle, maybe a bit off model
{ from the model sheet } due to the animation.
Just so they know what I was thinking.

Hmmmm ... looks like I was doodling too. focus ... focus... I have no time for doodling... i should be drawing ! ;-)


Jonathan Edward said...

That are amazing drawings
Mulan it's a great character too
Thanks for posting this drawings =D
I really liked the pencil tests
Could you put some animation tips on your blog?
It's very nice to see some work from great animators

TheZealot said...

thanks for posting these images of Mulan. Beautiful line economy and confidence.

Unknown said...

Amazing and delicate! COuld you post any Meg and Esmeralda work Mark? That must have been your female line-up at Disney, beautiful work keep it up


tinylittlesandra said...

Hi Mark, I'm a newbie ''follower'', I discovered you through Animation Mentor, one of my friends had you last term, and I began keeping up with your e-critiques. I was really inspired by your story on the Tips and Tricks blog and then that lead me to finding you here. Your work has such appeal to it, even if its a simple action. I just love that, I aspire to getting it in my own work.

I'm delighted you got to work on Tarzan in the end. See you round the airwaves.

mark pudleiner said...

thank you guys for the good words :-)

Unknown said...

I thought those were done by Kark Henn. I guess not.