Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memory Lane 3 > Don Bluth Studio 1986 Backgrounds

A few more photos from my collection when I walked through the studio on Hart Street in Van Nuys California in 1986.

These are just a few of the backgound artists with the American Tail BG's and color keys from the different sequences pinned up on the walls.

The Background Department was lead by Background Stylist
Don Moore.

His team of artists were:
William { Bill } Lorencz
David Goetz
Barry Atkinson
Richard Bentham
with also Mannix Bennett and David McCamley apprenticing.


American Tail Color Stylist Don Moore with some of the films completed BG's on the wall of his room.

These were the walls as you entered the background room where Don Moore and Bill Lorencz painted. On the left are Color keys from the new film 'Land Before Time'.
On the right are color keys from 'An American Tail'

Background Artist Barry Atkinson with some of his 'An American Tail' BG's on his wall

What Barry's room looked like mid 1986. The 'Music Room' was located straight outside his room and Don's room was to the right a few doors down.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A theater POSTER

Since I have a very hard time saying "no" to things.... here is the finished theater poster I just made up for my kids school play.
I try to make it fun for them to look at.
Please note, I'm colorblind, so I do my best with the colors.

The above image was also used for the program cover
The 'Back' page of the program below: