Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memory lane 2 > Don Bluth Studio 1986

Here are a few photos from my collection from 1986.

These were taken just after we had finished production of 'An American Tail' and were starting the original 'Land Before Time' feature. So the timing is roughly around summer of 1986.

They were taken at Bluth Studio in Van Nuys California a few months before our move to Dublin Ireland.

I walked around the studio one day with my camera.
John Pomeroy as seen in the photo was working on an early 'thunderfoot' drawing. { Thunderfoot's name was to be changed to the name 'Littlefoot' once the film was released } Found that out during the wrap party screening...we went the whole production with the name Thunderfoot, so it was a bit of a surprise that night.

John Pomeroy

Larry Leker

Dan Kuenster + Tammy Anderson

Lorna Cook

Linda Miller


David Nethery said...

Great memories there , Mark.

Do you happen to have a high-res. version of the American Tail crew photo in Van Nuys, shown on this page:

American Tail crew photo - Hart St. building, Van Nuys, CA

I had that photo at one time, but have lost it . If you have it and could scan it and post at high-res. I'd appreciate it.


Sandro said...

Hey Mark,

These are great photos, I love them. It looks like they were having a great time. It is good to be reminded that some time ago, traditional animation artist were respected and the industry was fun.
I want to see more!
We should do lunch one of these days.


mark pudleiner said...

Hi David
I do have that photo and when i get a moment, I will post it :-)

mark pudleiner said...

Hi Sandro

lets call this week, do lunch when we can.
I actually was over in Phoenix this past weekend with the boys visiting Gary and Cathy for 4 days. { the boys aunt and uncle }
Had some great talks.
talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog recently and loving it. If possible could you post some animation keys of mulan or any other works?? Would love to see some.


David Nethery said...

"Hi David
I do have that photo and when i get a moment, I will post it :-)

Thanks, Mark. Whenever you get some time I'd appreciate it . Hard to believe that "American Tail" was 24 years ago.