Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another project ....

As I wait to still settle from my move from LA to Vancouver Canada, I just thought I would post some images from another project that I am on.
Just some character design and rough layout.

The color piece is some first passes with my painter10 program.
I'm very much a novice at using it.
Being somewhat colorblind makes it a bit more interesting as well..lol. hey, trying my best :-)
I'm thinking of signing up with Lynia.com to learn through the step by step videos how to get around the program. So far, I love what i can do with it.... I just need to know HOW to use it.


Sandy Sze said...

Oh these are nice!! I like them :) Keep blogging! I recently started to post things on my blog too, check it when you have time. Have fun in town!

Tobias Schwarz said...

nice drawings!