Saturday, September 26, 2009

Memory Lane 4 > Dreamworks Shrek 2

A few of my photos taken during my time at Dreamworks Animation Studio while animating on the feature 'Shrek 2'.
These photos were taken during a quick break as i walked down the hall to my friends
Kevin O'hara and Jim Hull's room. This is a typical moment....

ROOM 166. Where all the chaos took place. Enter carefully

Kevin explaining to Jim what Jim should do to his scene.

Kevin responds { once again } that Jim is completely ignoring him.

Kevin responds happily that James Baxter { our supervisor on the film } comes in and breaks up the fight. Kevin calls Jim on the phone to tell him that they can still talk to each other.


Jim said...

Aaahh!! That's great Mark! Thanks for putting these up.

mark pudleiner said...

I thought you might like them. I'll post some more later. I also brought the camera in during the last animation time during the shrek production. We were all wearing our 'tim' masks.
Say hi to sean,steve,james for me:-)

Crystal(RB) said...

Oh, COOL!!!
This was another enjoyable read...! :)
Glad to see you're back, posting again.
I read and REALLY enjoy this blog often, and although I had emailed you once before this is my first comment. I feel kind of guilty it's taken me so long.
...Is Steve still composing masterpieces on the piano? :)
My best to all of you and your cats, hope you're all rested up from your move to Canada. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Ahh the old good ole days....
kinda of,HA ha.
Just a reminder that those are Jimbo's plane pics on the wall!
Thanks for posting.I still have to get the pics from my final lunch with you guys from the Dream.
Hope all is well Mark.Say hi to Loungo for me.

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Crystal{RB} for the good words.

Kevin- oh yes... i remember very well the excitement that would be generated from Jim's side of the room whenever the sound of a plane was traveling overhead. Lot's of high pitched squeals and high fives to anyone being within reach.

And I have all those photos of your last lunch with everyone.
I'll post those too.

Hope Pixar is being nice to you.
Say Hi to Heatly for me. Loungo
is a giant. A friendly giant. The guy does the butterfly and his shoulders are still touching the crossbar. crazy. Looking forward to some good hockey watching. hmmm, don't see too many laker jerseys up here .... lol.