Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emperor's New Groove - rough scene

The Emperor's New Groove '.

Kuzco sitting on his throne looking down at Pacha off screen.
David Spade doing the voice of Kuzco was a perfect match. 
His character was a self-centered sarcastic bit of a jerk 
who, throughout the film, learns the hard way to be nice.

It was a nice change of animation style for a Disney film. 
I always thought it was like a combination of 
Warner Brothers animation meets Disney classic style. 
It was a fun film to animate on. 
Very much a cartoon.
Not just stylized reality...but breaking the rules for humour if needed.

And the style guide that Joe Moshier created to keep
us animators drawing the same world was a great help for reference.
I'll post some of the examples when I can.


David Bernal said...

specially love the hand/face gesture on pacha! beautiful :)

Chris Palmer said...

Ah, so nice! Glad I stumbled over to your blog. Beautiful animation and story work.

Be back soon.

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks david and chris for the comments :-)

TotalD said...

Actually I loved that Warners style . Groove is one of my fave later Disney movies .

Tom Bancroft said...

Love this animation and loving the blog. Nice job Pud!

mark pudleiner said...

Darly: I find people seem to really like ' groove ' actually being one of their favorites, or really don't like it. { It being different than the usual style of traditional story at Disney feature animation.


Thanks Tom for the good words :-)

Natalie said...

This is one of my favorite movies! Beautiful animation!
I been trying to draw Kuzco, and the style is hard for me. Do you have any tips on drawing him?