Monday, August 25, 2008

Home on the Range - animating to music

Here are 2 scenes I animated while working on the
Disney feature ' Home on the Range '.
There's lots going on with these scenes. 
It was fun being able to animate to the music.
Having a soundtrack...being able to place the 
beats on the X-Sheet was very much a added bonus 
for actually hitting the beats with my poses.

The lady is feeding the chickens corn from a bag .... with the 3rd chicken stopping to 'smile' at the lady... the yellow corn in it's beak taking the place of teeth. { it reads better in finished color :-) }


chrisallison said...

holy crap, this totally rocks! you're awesome! i really like the farmer's nods with the music. this is great!

i want to see more 2D clips if you get the chance!

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Chris :-)
I'll post more clips.