Tuesday, October 4, 2011

INSPIRATION 13 - Ken Duncan Interview - Aug 2011 - Video 3 - The process of animating a scene

Here is the 3rd video showing Ken Duncan answer our senior student Ghaydaa Salem's question regarding his approach to animating in 3D.
Ghaydaa had finished her course at the online school Animation Mentor { where I also teach advanced acting } and joined us in our traditional 2D animation course. She has since shifted back to 3D as she enters her Senior terms here at VANarts in downtown Vancouver Canada.

 The photo above shows Ghaydaa as she talks over her question with Ken.

In this video Ken talks about 'being in the Zone' while you are animating. He mentions that at times he gets irritated when someone interrupts him while being so focused... { I do remember that 'look' at times ... lol }

When discussing the process of animating the characters performance, Ken mentions it's like sculpting a performance....really building something from nothing.

He talks about this list of questions that he goes through before he starts to animate :

- What is the Story ?
- Who is the Character in that story ?
- How are they physically going to move ?
- How are they Emotionally going to feel at that given moment...
- ... and how do I capture that in a pose ?

Lots of great insights - Enjoy -

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