Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Once again I will be setting up the yard to welcome all the little tricksters. 
This year they'll have to slowly walk down our driveway of dead souls 
to earn their sweets. Lets see if any are brave enough..... 
I'll update this after the night and post some photos.


Right after Halloween I was talking to my friends Kendra + James Baxter and we were exchanging our Halloween stories { they get into as much as i do :-) }
 They were telling me of the 'Pumpkin King' from Nightmare before Christmas that they had made and set up in front of their house in southern California.

Below is one the photos they sent me showing their 'Pumpkin King'. Beautiful work.
Having the clouds with the moon in the background. I love this :-) 

Here's a quick shot taken on Halloween during one of my story classes as I was talking over some ideas with one of our senior students, Tara Barker.
 I must say..... i certainly do tidy up to make for one beautiful Blonde. VERY Beautiful. ;-)

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