Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Circle of Life

Here is a scan of a letter that made it's way around the Walt Disney feature animation studio. I may be wrong of the time frame but I'm thinking it was around the end of the feature Hercules. It has a fairly accurate insight to how many artists were thinking as they went from project to project.


Sandro Cleuzo said...

I don't remember seeing this, Mark. It's funny. It reminds me of what some people used to say at that time.

mark pudleiner said...

I know. There's definitely some truth in those sentences.
I think I received this from someone in the clean-up dept outside of my room.

I remember the time when they would actually ask us to make a list of what movie we would prefer to join after our current project.

As they say : 'The good ol' days'

Nic Cabana said...

Hahah Mark this is hilarious! It can apply to independent shots too sometimes :P