Saturday, July 30, 2011

Emperors New Groove - Joe Moshier Walk Cycle

During the beginning of Disney's feature ' The Emperors New Groove ' several of us were given different designed characters that we animated walk cycles for. They were to be used for several crowd scenes.

This is the one I was cast to animate and it is Joe Moshier himself. Joe was the designer for the film and I think being the character designer gives him the right to see him walk through a scene or two.
The cycle was officially in Sequence 4, scene 49.8 and 'Joe' was 'city folk #C '. 

Back when I finished the test, I added a sound track just to add a little somethin' somethin' :-)

Emperors New Groove - City Folk walk cycle from Mark Pudleiner on Vimeo.

And below is the walk cycle added into a few scenes. See how many times 'Joe' walks by the camera as these scenes play out in sequence. Joe is a great artist and even better person to work with.
I really don't know anyone who doesn't like Joe. Knowing the history, I'm thinking that the name Joe is a pretty damn good name to have in this industry.  
Here are some of his links :   IMDB   LinkedIN   Conduct Happiness 

copyright Walt Disney Animation


Sandro Cleuzo said...

Man, There are too many Joes walking in those scenes!

Ryan said...

Joe's poppin' up everywhere!

Great stuff, Mark.

JK Riki said...

Wow, that is absolutely incredible. I literally have watched The Emperor's New Groove 16 or so times, studying the incredible animation (especially the overlapping action that's throughout) and I never noticed that at ALL! It seems so obvious after you point it out, look how many times he's walking in the same area, back and forth! Amazing stuff.