Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tangled anyone ?

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts after seeing it ?
How was the character animation ?
How was the story ?


Maya Karp said...

Really enjoyed it!

The character animation was particularly gorgeous. The strongest moments, for me, were the silent acting shots. Super well done!

Stuart M. said...

I thought it was amazing. The story was clear, clean, and never strayed. The animation had great range, went from soft acting to snappy physical... some of the hits actually had me reeling in my seat.

definitely one of the best Disney animations I've seen in a while.

TheZealot said...

The story had a strong Act I and II, and a slightly weaker Act III. They made leaps and bounds in animation - the most fluid in any CG show I've ever seen, esp. in Rapunzel. Maximus stole the show.
The production design, too - amazing, almost reproduces the appeal of fairy tale greats like "Cinderella" and "Pinnochio". I think it will ring positively with audiences, like it did with me.

Patrick Colquhoun said...

Wayne said he had a few gripes with the film pertaining to consistency in character acting, but it didn't bother me. Maybe if I watched it more it might but I love that horse Maximus!

The quality of animation was incredible, maximus through out the film and the closet scene was my favourite : D

It turned out to be more of a guy film than a princess story, a CEO at Disney commented on this saying they had to change things to compete with things like transformers because their demographic (even girls) were gravitating to it very strongly apparently. This was before I had seen the film; I wasn't sure if it was going to bode well, but I enjoyed it none the less.