Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fantasia 2000 - Rhapsody in Blue : rough scenes

Here's the 1st scene I animated for the Disney feature : Fantasia 2000.
It was for the ' Rhapsody in Blue ' segment directed by Eric Goldberg.

Eric cast me this scene which I dove into to. 
It was so much fun to animate this scene.
This project was set up where there were no supervising animators.
I have worked with an amazingly talented group of supervisors.
Learning from each of them. But it was nice for a moment to be able to work directly with the director. And pleasing Eric { with the experience and talent that he is }, was a artistic challenge. I was so happy that he really liked my work.

I love 'overlapping' animation. The way something will drag and 
follow through. The feeling of weight etc. And just finding the 
solutions of having that in the scene with hopefully having a nice design to it as well. 

Having all the objects fall down onto the floor in a pleasing way
was a challenge. Starting with the 'jack in the box', ending with the dog dish coming to a stop.

The music was a major tool with hitting the beats for my poses.
I've been pretty fortunate having these scenes to animate with
the music already set.

Here's the 2nd scene I animated from 'Rhapsody in Blue'.
Once again, having a soundtrack BEFORE I started animating
really helped with visualizing the beats and motion of my
characters movements.


Matthew Long said...

Great blog you have here. Rhapsody in Blue is my favorite segment in Fantasia 2000, nice to see your work on it in ruff form. Hope you keep them coming.

Wes Riojas said...

Great post. Amazing animation. I miss animation timed to music like Fantasia 2000 and the golden age cartoons did. What was your workflow to time your animation to the music?

David said...

Great stuff , Mark !

I love seeing good pencil tests. So pure.

Post more ! (Rhapsody or other stuff)

mark pudleiner said...

Hi Matthew. Thanks for the nice words :-)

Wes: Once we receive all the needed elements for the scene { layout, X-sheet, hook-up information and soundtrack including any dialogue or in this case , music } ... we lay everything out in front of us and turn on the audio.

Listening to the music as I scan through the story board sketches enables me to start visualizing what i am going to do with the scene.
The ideas may change as they become more developed, but at this early stage I will just sit back and relax and really let the ideas flow as i listen to the soundtrack over and over.

Figuring out what pose will be for what ' beat ' of music. Roughly planning out the action needed from one pose to the next.

At this point i will start doing little rough sketches { thumbnails } to help me plan out the sequence of my action for the characters in my scene.
Like a ' blueprint ' for my scene.
A rough plan.
Once roughed out, I will then start the animating process. Drawing the key poses.
And continue from there.

mark pudleiner said...

Hi David

hey long time !
You yourself have a great site david.
Hope its okay that i link to it.
nothing but good thoughts :-)


Braden said...

Holy cow!

These are amazing man. Fantastic work! Consider your blog bookmarked, and heres hoping you post more of these gems. :)

David said...

"Hope its okay that i link to it."


Wow, yes it has been long time. I think a lot of us are having that sensation these days. Geez, 1994 or '95 just happened , right ? Whoops, no , that's more like 13 years ago or thereabouts (!) ... or did I see you in FL during Mulan about 1997-ish ? (did you come out to FL at all during production on that movie ? I know some people were back and forth between CA and Fl for little working visits during that time period . I recall seeing Jamie Oliff and Mike Surrey around then ... maybe you ,too ? Sorry, the ol' memory is not what it used to be.)

I'll add your blog to my links too.

I've got a few of 'em (blogs that is).

My hub is with links to the 'blogs.

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Braden for the good words.

David, I was over in Florida working on Mulan for 1 week. Basically to touch base with my supervisor Mark Henn. athen flew back to work on the project from LA. There were around 12 of us animators who worked from LA.
I was there at the time they took a picture of the animation crew standing by the soon to be new 'animation' building.
It was just dirt at that point.
Did you ever see that picture?
Also was lucky enough to follow everyone to the rooftop of the parking structure to watch one of the space shuttles take off one afternoon.
very cool :-)

Chan Ghee Leow said...

This is great stuff! I'm highly inspired after watching this.

mark pudleiner said...

Thank you C G L for the nice comments :-)