Friday, September 2, 2011

INSPIRATION 11 - Ken Duncan Interview - Aug 2011 - Video 1 - Student Demo Reels

As was written on the VANarts Blog, I recently interviewed my friend Ken Duncan { president of DUNCAN STUDIO } at VANarts, the media college where I teach Animation and Story in downtown Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Ken and I were in the same college years in the early 1980's and our career paths have crossed many times since. He and his wife Juliet are some of my closer 'older' friends.
 I worked with Ken on his crew while he supervised ' Meg ', the female lead character for the Disney Hercules. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the industry with Ken as a friend he has been a major source of helping direct my way of thinking as an animator. His discussions on 'acting' and how or the reason WHY to have your characters move OR not move have been quietly etched in my thoughts and I feel very happy with being able to pass on any knowledge that I have gained working with Ken.

In Video 1, Ken answers a senior animation student Zoe Alstrup's first question :

" In your opinion, what should the student focus on for the most effective demo reel ? "

KEN DUNCAN interview with Mark Pudleiner - VANarts Aug 2011 - Video 1 from Mark Pudleiner on Vimeo.
The president of DUNCAN STUDIO, Ken Duncan, is interviewed by Mark Pudleiner and students at VANarts media college in Vancouver B.C. Canada in August 2011.

 The Photo above shows our senior student Zoe Alstrup as she discusses her question with Ken.

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