Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Student Feedback - August 2011

 As a teacher you receive student feedback as you finish with the various classes.
Below are some notes I received from students directly or through forms that were handed in.
Once again I'm very proud that I am able to help direct the students into our industry in a way that they find positive. It's good for everyone to receive feedback, the good as well as areas to work on.
Reading these notes always gives me a good feeling that I'm doing something right. 
Every now and then you need a shot of something positive.
And I'll take that when it's there :-)

When you first came to this school we were all determined to not like you, because we thought you were taking one of our other instructors jobs... well that didn't last too long, within a week of you joining us you became my favorite instructor !!!! Your story class continued exceeding our expectations! It rocked and it was soo fun when you got us up and "acting" with each other. It was so nice to do something away from our drawing board or computer for a couple of hours! It helped us with the long hours sitting and working! So thank you very much for that!

Awesome mentor! Enjoy the e-Critiques and Q&As a lot. Should write a book, as he has some very inspiring things to say when it comes to giving advice about the different ways of animating a character, and how to approach a shot.

The feedback and suggestions given by Mark are very helpful because he challenges us to think of how we can incorporate the right body mechanics in a way that also supports the acting of the character. 

Mark always explains everything in detail; he takes his time to answer all our questions during Q&A and even looks at our latest work if we need extra help. Also his grading is always fair. And he tries to push us even further with our work, especially with our acting performance, which is great preparation for the next term

Mark is super enthusiastic in class & always offers up great tips or suggestions for our work both in Q&A & in crits. Mark has also been very supportive of the ideas we have for our shots, and he helps us improve upon & develop those ideas & increase the clarity of our work.

Mark is an excellent mentor. he has great work stories and gives very clear and constructive feedback. I have learned a lot in this term and am very happy with my progress.

Mark is a really fun mentor to have. He's very patient, and clearly has loads of experience. He is very open to questions and always makes sure we are on track.

Mark is a great mentor!  His traditional background offers helpful, alternative perspectives on techniques and workflow.  His critiques have been helpful in improving both my mechanics and creative choices.  I also appreciate that he starts out each Q&A by quickly saying hello to everyone individually on-camera.

Mark is a great teacher. He's got a lot of experience and can give a clear comment of what to do or fix

Mark have a huge experience and it's shown in is critique. I love the fact that he give his critique so early, he is the fastest mentor in that field that I ever had. For a person like me who work at the same time it's the most precious thing to have your critique so early in the week to plan your work of this week.

Mark is a great mentor, he's really good at pointing out the things you did right/direction you should go with a shot as well as the errors and things you need to fix. It's a lot of fun hearing about his experience working on different movies too.

In class, Mark keeps things fun & upbeat, & he usually manages to have everyone on camera, if only for a second to say "hey!", which is really cool; I think it helps the class become more familiar with one another. Cool!!

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TheZealot said...

Mark visited Indianapolis in October of 2010, and in that 48 hours he showed all of the qualities described here, but I'm betting his students at VanArts get to see this on a daily basis - and if so, I'm jealous!
To Mark: Huzzah!