Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Robb Pratt " Superman Classic "

I received an email this past weekend from one of my Disney friends Robb Pratt. We shared a room together  while animating on the film ' Home on the Range ' at the 'Northside' Animation building { very near the Burbank airport }. It doesn't take one long to find out that Robb is a huge fan of ' Superman '. And PHIL HENDRIE :-)
 I last talked with Robb while we were both on shows at Disney TV and he showed me a short that he had done. I think that model car on his desk in the photo was part of the design for that film.
Robb just finished another short, the subject matter being something that drives him.
It turned out great. And as mentioned by others on several other animation websites, I hope this only opens the door for Robb to continue directing on another series.

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