Monday, February 28, 2011

Hunchback of Notre Dame > sketches + doodles

Jan 1994. The 1st day after the NorthRidge Earthquake I had just started working at Disney Feature Animation for the production of 'The HunchBack of Notre Dame'.
It was an exciting new time as I was one of the new hires to join the early crew.
We were still in the warehouses in Glendale, one year away from moving into the brand new 'hat' building in Burbank. Dreamworks hadn't been formed yet.
During this 1st week I had some time to just get settled in, so I sketched away and did some doodles. Here are a few.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark
Nostalgic these are! Miss the great ol' days of feature animation. Revival overdue! Could you post some animation drawings of Esmeralda and Meg?


mark pudleiner said...

Hi Jamie

I'm not sure how many animation drawings i have of those two.
I know I do have some though and once i locate them i will see what I can post.