Monday, July 26, 2010

some student reviews:

Below are some of my latest student reviews from teaching Advanced Body Mechanics at ANIMATION MENTOR. I'm proud that I get these reviews as I really do care about teaching. The hard work really does pay off when you get positive reviews from the people you teach. And I love that they are passionate about learning. It's been another good year and as I'm finding out at my day job teaching at Van Arts in Vancouver, there is no shortage of interest for learning both 3D and Traditional animation. We will be very busy.


So far all my critiques have been very clear and precise on what changes are needed in animation. Just by going over his suggestions, I feel like I'm starting to truly understand body mechanics.

He seems to know his stuff and he does a good job interacting with his students. I like how he puts everyone on screen to see what we're doing.

Mark is a great mentor who focuses on weight and hips. I have learned a lot from him. I really appreciate that he says hi to everyone in QA.

The way he explained how body mechanics works is very clear and precise and I always look forward to the weekly QnA. The citiques that I received are also very helpful too.

I really appreciate the detail Mark goes into when critiquing my work. He has a great eye and focuses on getting the body mechanics correct before going into secondary movements. He has really helped me understand how to animate weight and shifting of balance. I also enjoy his use of the Q and A by drawing on a cintique to illustrate ideas.

He always goes thru all of us via web cam before every class to say hello, and I've learned much more this class than previously because of it

I enjoy working with Mark. He is funny and makes the class interesting. The e crits are always helpful too! Overall I am happy with how the class is going. Maybe are q and a;s can be more focues on body mechanics? Thanks would be cool!

Mark is a friendly, personable and considerate mentor. He always takes his time in QA sessions to greet each students. In his e-critiques he always makes sure that his students keep the fundamentals of body mechanics in mind (ie how the hips are posed) and although the limited rig doesn't make this easy, I'm very grateful for his effort to do so. He has a great attitude towards the industry, and his love for animation shows through from his occasional stories about the industry.

He gives very good critiques, focusing in on areas that need the most work. In QnAs he comes across very friendly and approachable and answers any questions we have clearly.

I think he is a very inspiring mentor. He gave me lots of ideas to experiment with. He is also quite strict, which made me work hard to meet all his requirements. He has an amazing sense of humor, and he is a humble person too. He took his time to watch our work and make a good critique out of it. Very pro active, and always motivating us to work harder, and to expand our minds in a creative way. I´m really enjoying his classes.

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