Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 early TEST scenes for a new series

Late 2008, my first assignment for RENEGADE animation studio in Glendale California was
a freelance job that was to be done using the animation software ' Maya '.

I was given 1 week to animate 3 quick scenes for a upcoming new preschool show based
on a french artist's children s books.

Making the character animation have a softness to the performance, hopefully making it appealing to any parents and their kids watching.

This was going to be quite a different direction for the director { who was directing the Mr Men show } as the style of animation timing and look was completely different than the fast paced snappy animation style of 'The Mr Men Show'.

The tests worked out well enough that Renegade offered me a full time position and if the series was going to go forward, I would supervise the animation.

I really do love subtleties that this kind of animation calls for. Making acting choices that can hopefully have some charm to them, making the performance and characters have a cuteness.

The Character rigs were limited as this was put together fairly quick but the darkness of the textures covered some problem areas up. All in all, with help from the technical crew at Renegade, I felt that I was still able to get across somewhat the ' feel ' of the show.
At least enough for these 3 early test scenes.

Here are the 3 scenes :

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