Friday, March 5, 2010

< FLASH > 4 more ' Mr Men ' scenes

Working last year at RENEGADE ANIMATION studios with
Darrell Van Citters and crew, I was able to learn the
animation program ' FLASH '.

Even though the footage needed per week made the schedule
tight for time, the show itself ' The Mr Men Show ' was a perfect
show for learning this new way of animating.

Due to the limited time, as an animator you needed to learn fast
on what to move and what not to move so the scene could play out
with hopefully good acting choices making it as entertaining as possible.
Many times, as we animators do, I would get another idea for a scene,
but it was too late to add or re-do the scene. You just had to finish it and
let it go and get onto the next one.

That, btw, is called being professional and getting the job done ;-)

Here are another 4 scenes I animated for one of the shows:

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