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Memory Lane 12 - 'An American Tail' - Nov 1986 Cast and Crew Screening

First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to everyone - 2014 !
I was finally able to have some time to transfer some of my old videos from my early days as i was just getting into the animation industry. 

Here is one that I'm sure will bring back some memories for others. 

This is the Cast and Crew screening of Don Bluth's animated feature ' An American Tail ' back in November 1986. We had already started the next production, ' The Land Before Time ' and were starting to pack up our belongings to get ready to fly over to our new studio location in Dublin Ireland.

But before we all left southern California we were able to gather as a studio one last time for this Crew screening. It was an exciting night as after a few years of hard work we all were finally able to see how our efforts all came together. 

Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy had just returned to LA that day for this screening as they were away on the publicity tour being interviewed throughout the country in time for the films release. 

It was an exciting time for the young studio. The artists I was able to work with were so open with sharing their knowledge. So many positives at this time and I was very proud and fortunate to be able to have these people in my life. This truly was a 'small' studio and it felt like a family { yes, sometimes a dysfunctional family.... but hey, what family isn't ;) }   Wouldn't change anything and all I can say is thank you Don, Gary and John for your leadership, the opportunity and the support you gave the crew during this production. 
I also have to thank my boss at the time during this production Vera Lanpher { now Vera Pacheco } as she pushed me to always do my best.

Below I have posted the names of the people that I know in the video as they walk by in order. Note, I wasn't able to record everyone as multiple things were happening at the same if you're missing... sorry about that.
{ If you have any names of people that I have left out, please let me know and I'll update the list }

The film opens with my friend Joey Mildenberger whom I shared a room with at the studio. He drove me early to the screening so that i could get set up before the crowd gathered. It's sort of funny as he thought at first his name was NOT on the credits, but he quickly found it and everything turned out fine :-)
Also, the first boy that enters the lobby is Phillip Glasser, the voice of the character Fievel.

Hope you enjoy watching the video.

- Mark

People in the video in order of appearance :

David 'Joey' Mildenberger   -   special effects inbetweener 
Mark Pudleiner   -   character key assistant  { holding camera in mirror }
   -   Fievel Mousekewitz { voice }
Deborah Rykoff-Bennett   -   paint lab supervisor
Mannix Bennett   -   rough animation inbetweener
David J. Steinberg   -   assistant director
Dave Tidgwell   -   special effects inbetweener
Anne Marie Bardwell  -  animator
Ralf Palmer   -   animator
Paul Riley   -   visiting animator from Toronto
Konrad Winterlich   -   rough animation inbetweener
Helene Blitz   -   production accountant: USA
Jeff Etter   -   animator
Anne Hazard   -   ink artist
Jon L. Hooper   -   character key assistant
Barry Atkinson   -   miniature model maker / background artist
Ralph Zondag   -   animator
Dick Zondag   -   animator
Tom Hush   -   special effects animatorJesse Cosio   -   animator

William Lorencz   -   miniature model maker / background artist
John K. Carr   -   editorial assistant
Linda Miller   -   directing animator
Susan Vanderhorst   -   animation color stylist
Daryl Carstensen   -   xerox checker
Michel Gagne   -   assitant animator
Ciaran Morris   -   xerox checker
Brenda McGuirk   -   paint lab assistant
Paul Newberry   -
Kevin Wurzer   -   animator

John Cawley   -   production coordinator

Shawn Keller   -
Vera Pacheco   -   character key supervisor (as Vera Lanpher)
Dorse A. Lanpher   -   special effects directing animator / title designer
Diann Landau   -   special effects animator
Cynthia Ankney   -   assistant: Gary Goldman

David R. Ankney   -   animation camera

David McCamley   -   special effects inbetweener

Patrick Gleeson   -   rough animation inbetweener

Russell Boland   -   xerox processor

Sandra Ryan-Moran   -   cel painter

Sinead Murray   -   cel painter

Hope Devlin Kristiansen   -   apprentice mark-up

Gary Perkovac   -   animator

Jean Morel   -   character clean-up artist

Eric Daniels   -   character clean-up inbetweener
Margie Daniels   -   

Sue Shakespeare   -   assistant director

Terry Shakespeare   -   character key assistant

Colm Duggan   -   rough animation inbetweener

Helen Lawlor   -   rough animation inbetweener

Mary Walsh   -   rough animation inbetweener

Nollaig Crombie   -   rough animation inbetweener

Thad Weinlein   -   production manager
Rachel W. Leighton   -   assistant accountant  ( as Rachel Weinlein )

Barbara Ritchie   -   animation checker

Don Bluth   -   director / producer / production designer / storyboard artist

Rocky Solotoff   -   animation camera

Scott McCartor   -   production camera supervisor

Pamela + Christopher Scudder { my future in-laws ... i had no idea :-) }

Diane Albracht   -   ink and paint assistant supervisor: USA

Gary Hall   -   cel painter

Robin Police   -   final checker

Alan Fleming   -   xerox processor

Carla Washburn   -   animation checker

Fred Craig   -  supervising production manager / director of special photographic effects

Todd Waterman   -   character clean-up inbetweener

Gina Evans   -   cel painter

David Molina   -   animator

Ashley McGovern   -  rough animation inbetweener

Dan Molina   -   film editor

Gary Goldman   -   producer

John Pomeroy   -   producer / directing animator

Olga Tarin-Craig   -   color mark-up / ink and paint supervisor 

Saskia Raevouri   -   final checker

Kerri Swanson   -   ink artist

Mark Swanson   -   layout artist

Tamara Anderson   -   rough animation inbetweener

Kathleen Quaife-Hodge   -   special effects animator

Don Paul   -   special effects animator

Mark Swan   -   miniature model maker / layout artist

Larry Leker   -   layout supervisor / storyboard assistant / title designer

Morris Sullivan   -    co-founder of Sullivan Bluth Studios

Silvia Hoefnagels   -   character key assistant

T. Daniel Hofstedt   -   animator / rough inbetween supervisor

Stephen B. Moore   -   special effects assistant

Jorgen Klubien   -   additional animator

David Goetz   -   background artist

Skip Jones   -   animator

Fred Reilly   -   apprentice mark-up

MISSING FROM VIDEO but where there that night :

Emily Jiuliano   -   character key assistant
Joe Jiuliano   -   animation camera


Michel Gagne said...

Awesome video, Mark. Thanks for posting this.

JK Riki said...

They don't make them like that anymore! Thanks so much for sharing. I know the blog is updated only ever so often, but I just wanted to say thanks for doing it when you do, there's a lot of stuff that's inspired me as an animator (and person) and I keep this spot bookmarked in case there's anything new that pops up. :)