Monday, August 19, 2013

The Land Before Time - John Pomeroy - sketches 5

Here is another one of John's drawings from the feature 'The Land Before Time' while we were at Don Bluth Studios in Burbank California during 1986. The time was just before we made the move to Dublin Ireland. This was one of John's earlier scenes when Littlefoot is first born as he hatches from his egg. I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking how cute the scene played out. As usual, John set the bar very high for the other animators to match the charm and appeal he was able to put into his performances. Beautiful work.

                                     Below is the clip showing how John's scene plays out.

                                         copyright: Universal Animation Studios


Andrea K Haid said...

I just found your blog; awesome stuff. I watched this movie a hundred times when it came out. I definitely remember this scene. Thanks for sharing!

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Andrea. Glad you like the Blog :-)

Kids Cds said...

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Toontalkspodcast said...

Aw, such a beautiful scene. Always great to hear who done what scenes.

This movie was one that made me want to be an animator... I guess that means it will always have always be one of my favourites :)