Monday, July 8, 2013

JAMES BAXTER interview - Video 1

James Baxter interview with Mark Pudleiner - Video 1 from Mark Pudleiner on Vimeo.

Here is the 1st video of when I interviewed my friend James Baxter { Dreamworks / Disney } while at VANARTs Media college here in downtown Vancouver Canada.
I have interviewed James with my students numerous times over the past few years and I will start posting some moments.

In this video, shot in 2010, James talks in depth about the challenge of animating the scenes where there is a rotating camera. From the ballroom dance sequence in Beauty in the Beast, the camera rotating around Simba as Scar confronts him at the end of Lion King as well as a scene in Hunchback, these scenes were not an easy assignment.


Amir Al-Zubi said...


Thanks a lot for sharing this video, Mr. Pudleiner.
Is there any more...?


Ines said...

This is gorgeous!