Friday, June 5, 2009

Rough animation test > Nomeo+Juliet

Here's an old test of mine I did at Disney feature when I was learning 3D in 2001{or around there}. It's with a very early rough 'Nomeo' model and using a piece of audio of Hugh Grant talking. Hugh was lined up to be the main lead for 'Nomeo and Juliet' with Elton John being involved so I thought I would just do a dialogue test to see what it might look like. The model was rough and limited {as noted} and this was my rough BLOCKING test, hitting the main beats for acting. I was brought on the project for a short while in development, working with director Gary Trousdale , Art Director Dave Goetz and others. It was new to me being on a development project, coming on board so early. They had us move to the Circle Seven Building in Glendale Ca. The same building ToyStory 3 was in development { before Pixar and Disney united}. It was a challenge as it was also a lot of fun for the short time we were there before it was put on the shelf.

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