Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Student feedback

I just received my student feedback from the class I teach at Animation Mentor.

I'm pretty blown away with the amazingly positive words from my students.
I take their time very serious, as i do mine, and it feels very good knowing that they are happy to have me as one of their mentors.

Below are some comments that were sent to me.
I am pretty proud of them.
Thank you so much guys !!!


Mark Pudleiner: I rated my mentor Excellent because he seems really devoted to helping his students produce the best work possible.

Mark Pudleiner: Mark is fantastic, he really takes the time to see how each and every student is doing. And does a great job to work with each student and help develop ideas along with them. It would be great to see Mark as a speaker for Graduation.
He always leaves us with some great insight or just a few words every email or every class, and makes you just sit back and realize the value in things. He is a fantastic mentor.

Mark Pudleiner: Mark is just awesome. There are too many reasons for that, but here go just a few:
- very friendly and absolutely professional anyways if its 11PM he and he had to work for his own, he takes the time for helping always!
- he replies to emails, which should be a normal thing but i had mentors who did not
- helped me a lot to grow
- his q&a's are very very informative and fun at the same time
.. overall ... i really wish my next mentors will be the same!

Mark Pudleiner: It's safe to say that Mark loves what he does. He loves animation and he loves to teach. That's what makes him a cool mentor. He cares about his students and pushes them, that's great as well. I do like how he takes the tangent at times during Q&A...that means he is into it for real.

Mark Pudleiner: Marks extensive experience in animation is very apparent in his crits, choosing for us to see his initial reactions, Mark spots problems or issues within an instant and is able to deliver solid advice and communicated well. Perhaps the most approachable mentor I've had, very modest, & not in love with his own legend. If anything, Mark can wander off on a tangent but this isn't a bad thing as his discussions are always fueled by his passion for the art and his wanting to help us student. Top Stuff!

Mark Pudleiner: Mark crits are very good and his comments are very useful. He has a lot of experience in Animation so his comments are always great. Q&A is very entertaining. He puts a lot of effort to help us to improve our work.

Mark Pudleiner: He is extremely helpful, dedicates a lot for us, he really wants us to do the best we can, with great notes and ideas. He is always available for us. He gives detailed critiques.

Mark Pudleiner: I like very much that mark cam every student during Q&A
it gives of more closeness to the mentor and to other students
i think because of mark we have so active class that want to be in touch

Mark Pudleiner: I am very much pleased with his work.

Mark Pudleiner: I like that Mark listens to your ideas and really ponders them. He's come up with some great story ideas for me already. Helped me to think of different directions that I hadn't thought of... which is very cool. He's very respectful to everyone, a really nice guy.

Mark Pudleiner: Mark seems like a very good mentor. He has a great amount of experience along with en equal amount of enthusiasm. Being in class 5, the experience is very different from my previous classes at AM in that it is more about the planning at this point, so it is a little hard to judge this, but from my interactions with him there's no question that he really knows about animation.


Charles Katsidonis said...

Hey Mark,

I concur with all that has been written above: I had a blast in your class too!



Sandy Sze said...

Mark, you ARE awesome! only i wish i can be in your class! those lucky ones make me jealous! I only had 1 QnA with you on sat long long time ago and you were great, very exprienced, inspiring and very helpful. I would have written the same as those students if they let us comment on our sat mentors :P

Anonymous said...

All that's been said is true!!!
You are the best mentor I had at AM!!!
You really made me feel more passionate about filmmaking, storytelling and animation!!!
I told you once I wanted to have you as mentor before I had class with you, and I couldn't be more right about it!!!
You really rock!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

Unknown said...

Aww :)

Yep, I had a great time in your class, too.

Maya Karp said...

Me too! Top shelf! Hands down my first class at AM will be with me forever.


mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Charalambos.
You always had good questions... kept me on my toes. ;-)

Sandy.... Your site and your work opened my eyes to what can be done.
You're helping me as well.
Thank you for your words regarding learning Flash from earlier.

Thanks Ana!
I'm glad I am able to help you see how great your future can be.

Tom ... your Class 6 work is looking great! It shows your passion for detail.... with strong acting choices.

Thanks Maya. :-)
How are you and where are you ?
Hope all is well.

Dhar said...

I agree with all those feedbacks and I have yet to have the pleasure to be in your class. I too attended your Saturday Q&A, I asked you about your experience at Don Bluth Productions, your thorough answer is testimony to your dedication to the profession and respect to the students. I too hope that I end up in your class.