Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 quick sketches

Here are a few quick sketches. I think they were around 1 minute per sketch. I find the faster the sketch, the more life can be found in it. Less time to think, just enough time to 'feel' the pose and hopefully get the emotion or action down on the paper.


Dhar said...

Hi Mark, just got done attending your awesome Q&A session on AM. Seeing your quick sketches, I wonder if you could visit my blog where I pose the question about line of action for ambiguous emotions. Your input is greatly sought after.

Thank you in advance,


Jeremy said...

Wow, really nice blog Mark! Your rhapsody in blue scenes are especially nice! Thanks for the great posts :)

Kevin said...

Nice sketches Pud. I like 'em.

mark pudleiner said...

Hi dhar
thanks for dropping by.
I will get to your blog as soon as i get a moment.
take care.
p.s. glad you liked the Q&A. :-)

mark pudleiner said...

Hi jeremy and Kevin
glad you like these.

TheZealot said...

I think these sketches definitely represent the best of Mark. Besides "A Wish For Wings That Work". :)