Wednesday, February 1, 2012

VANarts animation program - students interviews

Me talking to some of the 3D seniors
                                                  click HERE to visit the College


Below is a quick video posted on the school's website.


Ghaydaa said...

Thank you Mark, for your generosity for the valuable information, and the stories behind animation.
you make our eyes wide open, to grasp as much as we can, to be able to create our own stories, and make it alive.
without you and Wayne we couldn't reach this far in just a year, or even in a million years who knows.
words can't express my appreciation.
Thank you Mark, Thank you Wayne, Thank You Vanarts.

mark pudleiner said...

Thank you Ghaydaa. I look forward to be able to post your work on the student showcase blog. You were apart of a great class :-) It's going to be an exciting future for you.