Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memory Lane 9 - Video TWO : Linda Miller - Directing Animator Don Bluth Studios - 1986

Here is Video 2 of my friend Linda Miller.

Linda was one of Don Bluth's original animators when he first left Disney Studios. Linda is this amazing talent that always inspired me when I worked on her scenes. Beautiful draftsman with this wonderful sense of design. She always made animating look so easy as i stood over her shoulder and watched as she would lightly sketch down the shapes on the paper that all seemed to make sense.
I was always blown away with how at ease she would work. It just seemed as though there was no struggle with her drawing. I know that this wasn't true, as she worked extremely hard and was a perfectionist. She demanded her work to always be a certain quality and it was.
She was cast as one of the animators that animated the character 'Jeremy' the crow from Don Bluth's first feature 'The Secret of Nimh'. And if you know the character you know how beautiful it was animated.

Linda Miller and Don Bluth as I took their picture one Saturday afternoon while we were in Dublin Ireland 1987
Linda at her desk - Dublin Ireland 1987 - The club hanging from her desk was to motivate her crew to keep up with her. :-)

The video below is of when I walked into Linda's Room during one sunny Saturday morning during the production of  ' An American Tail ' in early 1986. I loved talking with Linda. She was always so easy to just listen to, always with her very sharp sense of humor. For those fortunate enough to know her, you know there is only one Linda Miller. And I'm certainly glad she was a part of my growing up in this business.

Linda Miller Directing Animator - 'An American Tail' 1986 from Mark Pudleiner on Vimeo.


Sandro Cleuzo said...

This is great, Mark! I had never met Linda Miller, even though I was always a big fan of her, and it is cool to see her drawing and talking about it.
I am glad you filmed this.

mark pudleiner said...

Thanks Sandro :-)
hey Sandro, when u have a chance, lets hook up on skype. - m

Sandro Cleuzo said...

Hey Mark,

Sure thing!
My Skype is inspectorcleuzo.

Talk soon.


PoseAmation said...

Thanks for putting these up, Mark. I have some old video from those days too - I should dig it up! I loved working with Linda - she was an excellent teacher as well as being a brilliant animator.

mark pudleiner said...

Hi chris
Yes, finding your old videos would be great
To see :-)
Btw, how long were you in Ireland working at
The studio ?
Did u go to phoenix ?
Hope things r good .

TotalD said...

You left out shots of the cookies she used to bring :)

Paul said...

Linda was my first mentor at Bluth and set a mighty lofty standard with her stunning work. Funny in a dry caustic kind of way. Also so generous with teaching and drawings for us animation trainees.

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