Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making Music

My oldest son Steven joined me this past summer as I taught animation and story in downtown Vancouver at VANarts Media College. Steven has always been drawn to music and has spent huge amount of hours creating his own songs with our old piano as well with his various Garage Band software on his Mac. Having the senior students working hard animating their short films in their final Term, some welcomed the opportunity to have someone help create original music for their projects. Steven jumped on the chance as well { his 1st time creating music for films } and it really was great seeing how some of the projects came together.

Above, Steven listens to senior student Stuart McGillivray as they discuss the music needed for one of Stuart's scenes. His film was his version of a 'horror' film which was a great project to create the music for. Some scary and tense moments needed to be created. Fun stuff for any kid ... well, any adult :-) One of the local companies that saw Stuart's work liked it so much that they approached him with a job position even before he graduated. It was nice seeing this all come together as it did. Below is a link if you want to read more about this:
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Steven works with senior 2D student Zoe Alstrup as they begin working on her soundtrack for her short film. Zoe recently graduated from our traditional 2D animation course and has just begun the 3D character animation course at the college.

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